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implementation of a common data environment

in the field of modeling construction objects

As part of the introduction of BIM technologies, the enterprise faced the task of organizing a common data environment (SOD) and mastering software for modeling construction projects

Clients tasks
DWG and BIM standards development
The regulation of working with styles, the unification of the elements, the development of template files
Implementation of BIM technologies
Formulate a concept, introducing new regulations and standards, managing changes at the organizational level, changing processes and tools
Implementation of the general data environment
Electronic document management; interaction of all participants in the life cycle of an object
Digitization of the paper archival fund
Storage of documents in the system which provides a simple and quick search in archival codes, as well as for the preservation and use of old documents in electronic form
Business result
As a result of the work:
  • implementation of BIM projects with a full cycle;
  • creation of a single common data environment adopting of BIM and DWG standards;
  • an electronic archive of project documentation created on the basis of a digitized archival fund of paper documentation, with the assignment of an archive code and name to each document.
As a tools for information modeling were chosen products of the architectural collection from Autodesk (Architecture Engineering & Construction Collection).

Joint work and interaction of the branches of the enterprise located in various geographical locations is organized.

The Vitro-CAD system in this case was configured not for the designers, but for the customer. The system has a single storage for documents.

Automation of workflows facilitates the transfer of tasks and the approval of documentation in electronic form.
hybrid house 3d
hybrid house 3d modelling
hybrid house metall
Vitro-CAD common data enviroment