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Learning BIM-center

BIM-technologies in the field of design and construction

The construction industry is moving forward and changing with modern technologies.

Digital transformation of the construction industry already sets requirements for the qualification of specialists in the design, construction and operation of facilities.

We provide courses and practical training for specialists in the information modelling of buildings and structures (design and construction).


Our professional speakers helps to improve the skills in software products aimed to develope BIM technology in the enterprise. Online and offline course formats

For designers

Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Navisworks and Autodesk Civil 3D training course for designers (engineers, architects, surveyors) to acquire theoretical and practical skills in BIM project development.

The training for engineers includes: model construction, joint work, filling the model with engineering data, model assembly, collision check, design work documentation.

This course covers the process from model construction to delivery to customer.

For construction workers

We offer training of specialists for effective work in the digital building environment (BIM technology). The course will be useful for managers of construction organizations and performers on the construction site for the most optimal application of BIM in the construction and installation process.

You will master the tools: transparent work with the contractor; assessment of project compliance with the result, operational communication between the project participants; minimization of deviations and changes of the project; predictability of financial flows and timing

For customers

For representatives of construction customers, investors, developers and other interested persons will receive informative training for the implementation of projects using information modeling of buildings and structures (BIM).

The main beneficiaries of BIM in the implementation of the project (construction, reconstruction, dismantling) are all participants, but customers and operating organizations - especially